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Pronectar is a commodity trading company committed to providing unparalleled service and products to its clients. Pronectar is focused on the production, sourcing, marketing of charcoal, zinc ore, lead ore and dried cashew nuts.

The company’s rapid expansion stems from the efficient, experienced and professional members of the organization, whose key focus is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. The culture in Pronectar places strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of their customers, partners and suppliers, and at the same time fostering long-term relationships with them.

At the core of the overall company strategy is to stay customer oriented and continue to diversify in trade & geographies to become a global conglomerate.


We being a trusted entity consider quality as the forte of our esteemed organization. Our products are tested on various quality parameters to assure our authenticity.

the pronectar

Pronectar has built an outstanding team of dedicated people who are driven by a spirit of excellence and are totally committed to ensuring that quality takes helm in every aspect of our business.


We believe that satisfied customers are our best advertisement. Our quality control department ensures that consistency in quality is maintained from procurement to final delivery.


We have strong logistic support and a wide distribution network that expedite deliveries. We ensure safe and prompt delivery through our nifty professionals.

Products Overview

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio. Some of the other products that we deal in are listed below. Click on the products to see their specifications.

Charcoal (Softwood/Hardwood)

Our Charcoal is great for barbeque use, restaurants, supermarket and cooking on your outdoor grill or fire pit! It is made from real hardwood and softwood chunks which have been charred. No chemical binders or igniting agents. This type of charcoal burns intensely and hot and supplies superior flavor for your grilled foods without any of the nasty chemical fumes or aromas which can come from industrial pressed composite charcoal briquettes.


  1. Product: Oak wood
  2. Carbon: 76% minimum
  3. Moisture: 3% to 7%
  4. Screen size: 30mm to 140mm with 5% allowance for smaller piece and dust

Zinc Ore

We supply excellent grade natural zinc ore that is widely used in anti-corrosion and die casting. Our zinc ore is obtained as zinc oxide (ZnO) from natural sources. We have the capability to offer our zinc ore in two principal forms. One is in raw ore form in clay form with both powder and lumps mixed and the other one as processed one washed, pulverized and dried.


  1. Zinc Content: 40% minimum
  2. Packaging : 50kg pp bag

Lead Ore

We produce on the average of 400 metric tons of rich concentrated Lead Ore per month given our limited equipments.


  1. Lead Content: 60% minimum. #
  2. Packaging : 50kg pp bag

Dried Cashew Nuts

We offer the finest quality of dried cashew nuts. With sprawling yards for sun drying of Raw Cashew Nuts, and adequate warehousing facility; we continue to strive to be the best cashew trader by continually expanding its origins, increasing its investments and is currently pursuing forward and backward integration by creating processing facilities at origins.


  1. Dried cashew nut, new crop 2015.
  2. Nut count : 180-190nuts per kg
  3. Outrun : 46lbs per 80kg
  4. Defective : 8%
  5. Moisture : 10-12%
  6. Foreign matters: 0.25%
  7. Packaging: New jute bag